BabyBuddha® 2.0 New & Improved Breast Pump

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Experience the BabyBuddha 2.0 breast pump with a rechargeable battery and new Soft Stimulation mode with six levels, in addition to six classic Stimulation and nine Expression modes. This hands-free, rechargeable pump is quiet, portable, and easy to use with a trackball for seamless setting adjustments. Its gentle suction pattern mimics a baby’s nursing, promoting letdown and increasing milk supply for a comfortable and efficient pumping experience. BabyBuddha is a reliable choice with versatile settings to support your pumping journey and adapt to your needs at different stages.

  • BabyBuddha 2.0 pump with rechargeable battery and hospital-grade strength from 53-320mmHG including softer settings.
  • Enjoy 6 levels of new Soft Stimulation, 6 Classic Stimulation, and 9 Expression modes.
  • Gentle suction pattern mimics baby’s nursing, promoting letdown and increasing milk supply efficiently.
  • Versatility of settings and strength to support various stages of your pumping journey for comfort and efficiency.
  • More settings and strength options tailor BabyBuddha 2.0 to meet all mothers' pumping needs.
  • Trained lactation consultants are available for customers needing additional help.
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