BabyBuddha® 2.0 New & Improved Breast Pump

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BabyBuddha’s double electric breast pump gives you the freedom to move! Equipped with a rechargeable battery,  and now even more settings to let you choose your comfort zone. With 6 levels of new Soft Stimulation Mode,  6 levels of classic Stimulation mode and 9 levels of Expression Mode, it’s easy to find settings that are the most comfortable and make your pumping experience efficient. This hands-free breast pump gives you the ultimate flexibility to have a hassle-free pumping experience and to pump how, when, and where you want. Small enough to take anywhere and with an impressively quiet mechanism, our breast pump keeps the whole process discreet.

Operating BabyBuddha is easy, making it one of the best portable breast pumps! Simply recharge it and use the trackball to navigate through the various different settings, and land on the perfect one with a simple swivel of the thumb. Our unique suction pattern in stimulation mode mimics the suction pattern of a baby to help trigger a letdown and increase your breast milk supply.

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