2-Year Limited Warranty

Our two year limited warranty covers manufacturer defects for the life of the pump (600 hours). Because our pumps are intended for single use, our manufacturer defect warranty is only valid for the original owner of our products, up to 600 hours (depending on settings used), or two calendar years (whichever comes first).  When it is deemed necessary to repair the pump, a replacement pump will not be approved. During the second year of the warranty, only repairs are eligible under the warranty (replacements are not eligible). Prepaid labels for these repairs will be offered for all DOMESTIC orders, International orders are responsible for shipping the pump in for repair.  Lithium ion batteries slowly deteriorate over time (similar to cell phones), this is normal and not covered under warranty.  

User Error

Please read the instructions thoroughly and assemble the pump correctly before use. User error, incorrect setup of the pump or failure to replace parts will result in milk reaching the pump motor. Milk getting inside the pump is not covered under our warranty under ANY circumstance.  

If the BabyBuddha pump is 'hacked' with other brands' components and the pump is damaged, this is considered user error and is not covered under the warranty. 

Buying as a Gift?

If you are buying the pump as a gift you have 30 days after the pump is shipped to contact support@babybuddhaproducts.com to transfer the warranty, no exceptions.

Void Warranty Instances

Warranty is void if failure of the pump has resulted from accident, abuse, or misapplication including tampering or opening the pump motor. 

Warranty is void if you have won a pump in a giveaway or have given your pump to another mom, the warranty is automatically voided.

Warranty is void if you have have purchased from an unofficial re-seller.  

Experiencing an issue with your pump?

If you are experiencing a technical issue, please email a video of the issue and explanation of the problem to support@babybuddhaproducts.com

After the video is reviewed and your problem is assessed, our technicians will offer a solution or send a replacement part to you immediately.


BabyBuddha is a professional brand that strives to ensure its quality control standards are upheld regardless of where consumers purchase BabyBuddha products. In line with this principle, for sales on the Amazon & Amazon UK Platform, the BabyBuddha warranty will only apply with valid proof of purchase from BabyBuddha, Marketplace Valet or Progressive Online. The BabyBuddha warranty is not provided for sales on Amazon.com without valid proof of purchase from BabyBuddha,  Marketplace Valet, or Progressive Online.