Finding Your Pump

How to Choose a Breast Pump That's Right for You

Breast pumps serve a number of purposes for breastfeeding mothers. They stimulate milk production, empowering moms to increase their breast milk supply. They offer an alternative for mother’s who are unable to breastfeed. They even offer relief from painful engorged breasts. Because your breast pump is such a hard worker, it’s important to find one that checks all of your boxes. Continue reading to learn which characteristics to consider as you choose your new breast pump.



When it comes to increasing your breast milk supply, few factors are as influential as your comfort. If you’re uncomfortable while you’re nursing, you’re less likely to enjoy the incredible bonding experience. If you’re not enjoying it, you’re less likely to keep at it. At BabyBuddha, we put comfort at the top of the priority list when it came to designing our breast pump. Extra-soft padding protects and cushions tender nipples while universal tubing permits you to use whichever breast shield best fits you. The BabyBuddha’s anti-backflow design allows you to sit in a comfortable position so you don’t have to stoop forward to facilitate flow.

  • -Soft padding to protect tender nipples
  • -Universal tubing to permit a perfect fit
  • -Anti-backflow to reduce back and neck pain



    By and large, breastfeeding is a straightforward process. Barring illness or other aggravating factors, most moms quickly get the hang of nursing their newborn, making each session a little more enjoyable. However, with all the wires, tubes, and control features, pumping can be a hassle for weary mothers. BabyBuddha’s ergonomic, intelligent design makes pumping easier with a trackball to navigate through the modes with a simple swivel of the thumb.

    • -An ergonomic, intelligent design to simplify pumping



    Once upon a time, choosing to breastfeed meant restricting yourself to your own home, sometimes for months on hand. Traveling and even short trips to the store posed a challenge for nursing mothers. Today, breast pumps free mothers up to go back to work or go on a much needed vacation. However, not all breast pumps are created equal when it comes to portability. At less than a tenth the weight of the Medela Freestyle, the BabyBuddha® Breast Pump is so light it can be worn on a lanyard around your neck without any strain.

    • -Lightweight, streamlined design for hassle-free portability



    If you’re a nursing mother with more than nursing on your to-do list, you need a breast pump that can adapt the way you do. With the BabyBuddha® Breast Pump, you can recharge your batteries using any standard USB port, and you can pump discreetly in virtually any situation owing to the pump’s small, streamlined design and silent operation.

    • -Rechargeable via any standard USB port for flexible power options
    • -Silent, discreet functionality for any situation



      When you’re capable of pumping easily and comfortably under changing circumstances, it’s only natural that your breast milk supply will get a boost. The BabyBuddha® Breast Pump stacks the odds even further in your favor by allowing you flexible control over stimulate and suction modes, allowing you to optimize each nursing section. You can also be confident that your breast milk supply is safe. The breast pump’s closed system and anti-backflow design ensure you won’t have to throw out contaminated milk, eliminating wasted milk.

      • -Multiple stimulate & suction modes to optimize productivity
      • -Closed system & anti-backflow design to protect milk from toxins


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