Is It Best to Buy a Breast Pump While You Are Pregnant?

At the global level, the market for breast pumps is large enough to earn more than $2.7 billion in revenue each year. On top of that, experts are predicting that the breast pump industry will grow by about 8.5% each year until 2030 at least. By then, people will be spending more than $4.7 billion per year on breast pumps around the planet.

As impressive as this market growth is, many people still have questions about buying breast pumps.

Some wonder how to know what the right breast pump flange size is for them. Others want to know when the right time to buy a breast pump is.

At the same time, not everyone knows about all of the benefits that breast pumps can provide. Learning more about all of these things can help you decide if a breast pump is the right choice for you and know when you should buy one. So should you buy your breast pump while you are pregnant or after you give birth?

Read on to learn all about the most vital things to understand about buying a breast pump at the right time!

When to Buy a Breast Pump

There are a couple of factors to keep in mind when it comes to buying a breast pump. For one thing, there is a good chance that your breasts will increase in size throughout your pregnancy. If you buy your breast pump when you first get pregnant, you might end up buying the wrong size.

For this reason, it is often a good idea to wait until later to buy your breast pump.

On the other hand, if you wait too long to order your breast pump, it might not arrive in time for your newborn. That goes double because you never really know when you will end up giving birth. If your infant is born a little bit ahead of schedule, you might be caught off guard if your breast pump has not already arrived.

When you balance both of these factors, the best breast pump buying tips often recommend buying breast pumps around week 30 of your pregnancy. That is late enough that you will have a good idea of the right flange size. At the same time, it is early enough that you will have your breast pump ready and on hand when your newborn arrives.

Should You Buy a Breast Pump While Pregnant?

On the other hand, not every mother is sure whether or not it makes sense for them to buy a breast pump at all. If you have never used a breast pump before, you might not be familiar with all of the benefits that one can provide.

So if you know when the right time to buy a breast pump is, the main question might be, what are the top reasons to buy a breast pump at all?

Buying a Breast Pump Can Save You Time

Mothers of newborns often struggle to find enough hours in the day to take care of everything. Anything that can save time can be a lifesaver. This is one of the biggest benefits that attracts many mothers to breast pumps.

Using a breast pump can allow you to use the most convenient time in the day to get milk ready for your newborn. If you happen to have a few minutes of time on your hands, but your newborn is not ready to feed right now, using a breast pump can save you time later when your newborn wants to feed but you have other tasks to take care of.

The Best Breast Pump Helps You Share Duties

Without a breast pump, the mother must always be available to provide for their hungry infant. However, you can use your breast pump to save milk and have it on hand. At that point, anyone can use that milk to provide your baby with nutrition when they are hungry.

That can allow mothers to get more sleep at night as well. If the baby wakes up and wants to feed, you can sometimes enjoy your rest while someone else gets fresh breast milk to feed the baby.

Increase Your Supply With a Breast Pump

Sometimes, a baby is hungry enough that it wants more milk than is available from the mother at a given moment. This can be a frustrating and stressful experience. However, it does not have to be if you have extra breast milk on hand from using a breast pump.

Even if your body is not providing all the milk your infant wants right now, you can make sure that it always has the nutrition it needs.

Enjoy More Breaks With a Breast Pump

Mothers often feel like they can never spend much time away from their newborns. However, if you have some extra breast milk on hand, you can occasionally leave the house for a few hours.

That can give you the time that you need to recharge and rejuvenate without worrying that your newborn will not have access to excellent nutrition.

Find the Right Breast Pump Flange Size for You

We hope that the tips in this article will help you find the best breast pump flange size for you. The more you know about breast pumps, the easier it is to appreciate how much value they can provide for mothers. As time goes by, breast pump designs continue to improve and provide even more advantages.

To learn more about how you can find the best breast pump for your needs, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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