How to Pump More Milk

Admit it. Pumping breast milk is a lot of hard work. So you better make sure that you pump effectively to give you more milk. Maximize your pumping productivity with these 8 tips!

  • Aim Multiple Let-Down
  • Instead of aiming for a single let down, aim for multiple let downs. While you may get less milk in subsequent let down they all add up together giving you more extra milk.
  • Use Hand-On Pumping Technique
  • To ensure your breast is emptied thoroughly, use hands-on pumping by massaging different areas of your breast while pumping.
  • Follow with Hand Expression / Manual
  • Once you stop seeing drop of milk using your electric pump, switch to manual pump or hand expression. You will be surprised that you may still get a good amount of milk.
  • Reposition the Breast Shield
  • No more milk drips? Try to reposition the breast shield to get it flowing again. Do this until you don’t see any more flow even with repositioning in all around the breast.
  • More-Frequent, Shorter Pumping Session.
  • Rather than pumping 2 session, 30 minutes each, you better have a 3 session 20 minutes each. See if you will get more milk. This is my go-to-method to increase my dipped supply.
  • Pump Early in the Morning
  • Prolactin level is highest in the early morning. Maximize your production by pumping at this hour.
  • Pump & Nurse Simultaneously
  • Tell your breast that you’re having a twin by pump and nurse your baby at the same time. It is a huge time saver and very easy to get let down (since the baby is doing it for you).
  • Do Power Pumping Bootcamp
  • When milk supply drop is unavoidable, do power pumping regularly until you see increase in supply. Do a 20-min pump, 10-min break, 10-min pump, 10-min break and 10-min pump in an hour and do this at least twice a day. The more frequent you do this, the sooner you see a huge boost in your supply.

You’re doing great job, Mama!


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